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In the glossary found on this page find common words and terms used in the online casino gambling world.
Action – The action of placing money into the pot equalling the total amount of money wagered by a player of the
course of his/her playing time. (Poker)
Active Player – A player who is still in the game and has money in the pot. (Poker)
Add-on – The possibility of buying more chips during a tournament. (Poker)
Aggregate Limit – The aggregate total payout liability of a casino during a one game.
Aggregate Winnings – Total profit accumulated.
All-in or going all in – When a player bets all of his remaining chips. In Poker, it’s when the player calls or bets all
of his chips. If another player out bids him, it turns into a no limit game and the first bidder can go All-in and place
a bid equivalent to an amount of his opponent’s bid.
All or Nothing – A ticket that pays out to the player only when either all of the selected numbers are drawn or
none of the selected numbers are drawn. (Keno)
Alpo – The side that is considered the underdog in the game. They have high odds of loosing.
Anchor – The person right of the dealer, last to play at the table. (Blackjack)
Anchor Man – The person right of the dealer, wagering on the last box on the table. (Blackjack)
Ante – The required bet a player needs to place in order to play a hand in a card game. In some games, it’s
required to bet just in order to participate in the next hand of cards.
Any Craps – A bet covering 2,3 adn 12 in one-roll dice. (Craps)
Any Seven – A bet covering any 7 in one-roll dice. (Craps)
Any Twelve - A wager on a roll of 12. A 30-1 payout to one Arm for this bet. (Craps)
Arm – A player with a fine skill in throwing the dice and who has the capability of altering the game’s conventional
odds. (Craps)
Audition – An examination the dealer most pass before getting hired by the casino.
Baccarat – Also known as Chemin De Fer and Punto Banco. A table game that requires no skill and made up of 6-8
decks of cards.
Back Counting – A technique used by some a card counting expect. Positioned behind a active player while
counting the cards, the card counting expect awaits to join the game when his odds are higher then the dealers.
Back Line – Same as Don’t Pass Line. (Craps)
Bad Beat – When a player looses a large hand despite the odds being in his favor.
Bag – A term used in Britain that means a ‘thousand” in monetary value.
Banker – The dealer in card games.
Bank Roll – Total gambling money a player is holding.
Bar the 12 – When a 12 is transformed into a Push on the Do’t Pass LIne. (Craps)
Barred – A player banned from a casino.
Base – An area where the majority of the wagers are placed on a craps table.
Base Dealer – A crap dealer responsible for one of the bases found on the table.
Basic Strategy – Applicable in any game, a system that maximizes a players capacity of winning.
Bet – To wager.
Betting Limits – Referring to the minimum and maximum amount of money a player can place on a bet. Every
casino games has different betting limits.
Betting Right – A term that means ‘betting with the shooter’. (Craps)
Betting Wrong – A term that means ‘betting against the shooter’. (Craps)
Bingo – A casino game that rewards the player in prizes. Player has to purchase a card containing a 5 by 5 grid
filled with letters and numbers. At random numbers are picked and the first to complete the word BINGO wins the
prize. The word can be spelled out in vertical, horizontal or diagonal line.
Black Book – A list of players banned from playing and entering any casino in Nevada.
Blackjack - Als /> Blind Bet – When a player has not seen their cards. (Poker)
Blinds – A forced bet in Texas Hold’em Poker.
Bonus – An extra amount paid or given above what was won on a wager.
Book – Someone who accepts action or a wager on sporting games.
Box – An area the Box man controls on the table. (Craps)
Boxing – A single horse racing ticket that contains more than one parlay.
Box man – The staff member in charge of the casino Craps table.
Break – To go over the sum of 21. (Blackjack)
Break Even Point – A gambling term used when a players winnings and losses equal each other out at the end of a
playing session.
Brick – A card that is found to hold little value to a player’s hand. (Poker) Also referred to as a ‘blank’.
Buck – A $100 bet.
Bug – A joker in a deck of cards.
Bump – Another term for ‘raising’.
Burn Cards – After a dealer shuffles and cuts the deck, this card is temporarily taken out of a deck by the dealer
until the cards are reshuffled again.
Bust – Another term for ‘Break’. When you exceed the sum of 21. (Blackjack)
Buy In – The action of either purchasing casino chips or exchanging cash for casino chips.
Call – When the current bet is matched by another player playing their hand in the game. (Poker)
Call Bet – When a player calls a bet verbally.
Camouflage – Any technique a player uses to hide his actions from the casino while playing.
Capping – Considering cheating and illegal, it’s when a player places additional chips on his bet after the dealer
has starting dealing the cards.
Card Shark – A professional card player who makes a salary from cheating at card games.
Caribbean Stud Poker – A 5 card poker game where the player plays against the house.
Carousel – Several slot machines placed in a circular formation within the casino with a someone placed in the
middle to exchange cash to chips for the players.
Carpet Joint – Same as ‘luxury casino’.
Case Money – Also known as someones reserved money, extra cash, or emergency money.
Cashier’s Cage – The desk located in the casino where a player goes to exchange or to cash casino chips.
Casino Advantage – It’s the statistical edge a casino holds over a player. Their odds are higher than the players.
Casino Rate – A discounted rate for a hotel rooms often offered to customers playing at the casino.
Catch – When the number a player picked is drawn. (Keno)
Change Color – Changing one color of casino chips for another color of casino chips. Each chip holding a different
value of money.
Chase – staying in the pot by placing another bet and hoping to win a back one’s original losses. The odds are
usually very poor.
Check – Same as ‘chip’ when playing in a casino. Player who calls check stays in the game just bets at the end.
Chemin De Fer – Similar table game to Baccarat but requires more skill. Play at a table using 6-8 card decks.
Chips – Small plastic discs used by the casino. Each disc holds a different monetary value. Every casino has their
only style of chips. Chips most be used in place of cash at casino tables and machines.
Chip Tray – Located near the dealer, it holds the table’s chips.
Coat Tail – A player picking the same numbers the current winner at the table just picked.
Cold – A player who has loss an excess amount of times in a row. Also referred to as a losing streak.
Color Up – Same as ‘color out’. When a player exchanges his smaller valued chips for bigger valued chips.
Combination Way Ticket – Offering a player a variety of combinations, all found on my ticket. (Keno)
Comps – Complimentary gift(s) given out by the casino encouraging the player to gamble at their casino. May
include cash-valued points, food and beverages, hotel rooms, etc.
Come Bet – A bet made on the Come Line. (Craps)
Come Line – The area on the table where a player places the Come Bet (Craps)
Come Out Roll – Establishing the Point at the table in a game of Craps, it’s the shooter’s first roll in any given
Copy – When the banker and player holds the same card, either a two-card or five-card hand. The banker
automatically wins. (Pai Gow Poker)
Counting Cards – When the player memorizes the cards being played and the cards remaining in a current game,
in order to have an advantage over the dealer. (Blackjack)
Cracking The Nut – When a player leaves his gambling trip with extra money even after covering all of the
expenses from the trip.
Craps – A casino game played using dice and chips.
Craps Out – Rolling a 2, 3, or 12 on the Come Out Roll. (Craps)
Credit Button – Found in video machines and slot machines, allowing the player to play coins in the form of
Crew – The group of dealers assigned to a Craps table or game.
Crossroader – A cheater.
Croupier – Same as ‘Dealer’. This term is used in Baccarat and Roulette.
Cut – When a deck of cards is divided into 2 parts at the end of shuffling.
Cut Card – A blank plastic card used to cut the deck of cards in 2 parts.
D’Alenbert System – A scoring plan. Add a unit for lose a bet and subtract a unit for winning a bet.
Deal – When the dealer distributes the playing cards to the people at the table.
Dealer – Same as ‘Banker’. The casino employee who deals the cards at the table.
Deposit – A payment often made with a credit card, web wallet or an other online payment system to an online
casino in order to play their online casino games.
Deuce – A two in a dice.
Dice – A two identical numbered cubes.
Die – Singular form of dice.
Dime – A $10-valued chip.
Dime Bet – A $1000 bet.
Discard Tray – Located near the dealer for cards to be discarded that have already been played already in the
Dollar Bet – A $100 bet.
Don’t Come Bet – Equal to a Don’t Pass Line however the bet is positioned after the first Come Out Roll. (Craps)
Don’t Come Line – Where the Don’t Come Bet is placed on a craps table.
Don’t Pass Bet – A wager betting that a 7 will be rolled before the Point is repeated. Bet is made before the first
Come Out Roll. (Craps)
Don’t Pass Line – Where the Don’t Pass Bet is placed on a craps table.
Double Down – When a player places double the sum of his current bet on a hand. The dealer pulls one additional
card for the players. The player needs to get a sum of 21 or less, and higher than the dealer in order to win the
hand. (Blackjack)
Double Up – Same as ‘Martingale System’. A strategy used by a player after a loss. The player doubles his next bet
in effort to win back his last bet.
Down Card – A face down card.
Down to the Felt – Out of cash, broke.
Draw – Most commonly used in Poker games, when a player draws a card(s) from the dealer to complete a hand.
Drop – The amount of cash lost while gambling.
Drop Box – A box found on a gaming table serving as a repository for markers, chips and cash.
Edge – Usually referring to the dealer when they have an advantage over a player.
Encryption – Used to assure safe online transactions for casino players, online casinos uses a software security
measure to fight off hackers.
En Prison – Similar to a bonus, after a one to one bet when a zero/double zero appears, it’s the money found left
on the table. (Roulette)
Even Money Bet – A bet that pays one to one.
Expected Win Rate – A reasonable amount of money a player can expect to win back over time on slot machines.
Eyes in the Sky – Surveillance video cameras used in casinos for security and catching card counters.
Face Cards – In any suit of cards, it’s the King, Queen and Jack.
Fifth Street – The third round of betting in 7-Card Stud Poker.
Fill – Drawing a card(s) to make a five card hand. (Poker)
Fill Up – Getting a Full House. (Poker)k
Firing – Betting a large quantity of cash.
First Base – The seat closest to the shoe who also gets first dealt . (Blackjack)
Flat Betting – A gambling strategy where the player always places the same wager.
Flat Top – Opposite to a Progressive jackpot, this is when a slot machine has a fixed- jackpot.
Flea – A player who expects to be comped by the casino after playing very small wager.
Float – The bank at the playing table.
Floor man – A casino manager.
Flop – The first 3 cards all dealt face up at the same time. (Poker and Texas Hold’em Poker)
Foul – An automatic loss when a 2-card hand is greater than the 5-card hand. Also, an automatic loss if the hand
has the wrong number of cards. (Pai Gow Poker)
Fourth Street – The player holds four cards in a game of 7-card stud poker during the second round of wagering.
Front Line – Same as ‘Pass Line’. (Craps)
Front Money – A deposit the player makes with the casino in order to establish credit.
Full House – A hand that consists of a 3 of a kind and a pair. (Poker)
Gambling – Playing a card game, table game or video machines with the intention of winning money but often
risking the chance of loosing money.
Game – A structured game or contest with set rules and wagers.
Garbage Hand – A set of cards that bring no value to a players hand.
George – A player who tips well.
Grease – Slang for someone who bribes.
Green Chip – $25 chip value.
Grind – Playing with a small stakes.
Gross Winnings – Opposite of Net Winnings, this is the total outcome or payout that a player achieves during a
gaming session. This includes the original bet(s) made.
Hand – The cards with which the player is holding.
Hard Count – Counting real money and not chips.
Hard Hand – A hand in which the Ace does not value 11 but only valued at 1. Also, a hand without an Ace.
Hard Way Bet – A wager made by player trying to predict the total of both dice on doubles.(Craps)
High Poker – Same as ‘Standard Poker’. In this version of Poker, high hands win.
High Roller – A big better. Someone who makes big wagers at the table.
Hit – To take another card for the dealer.
Hold Your Own – When a player leaves his gambling session even. No winning or losses.
Hole Card – Received by the dealer, the face down card. (Blackjack)
Horn Bet – The combination of a 2, 3 ,11 and 12 in a one roll wager. (Craps)
Hot – When a playing is experiencing a winning streak. Opposite of Loosing Streak.
House – Also referred to as the casino, dealer, or banker.
House Edge – The casino’s innate advantage over players in most casino games.
Inside Bet – A wager placed on a single or a combination of numbers and is placed on the inside of the table .
Inside Straight – Creating a straight where the sequence of four cards can only occur in one way. (Poker)
Insurance – Only offered when the dealer’s face-up card is an ace, the player can make a side bet that the dealer
has a 2-card hand equalling 21. (Blackjack)
Jackpot – The grand total of cumulative stakes in a game.
Jacks or Better – Winning a hand of poker with a pair of Jacks or higher.
Joker – The 53rd card in a deck, also known as the Wild Card.
Juice – Commission received by the casino.
Junket – A group of people who travel to casinos together and gamble together.
Keno – A casino game where a player picks 10 out of 80 numbers and bets on the odds of how many of those
chosen numbers will be called.
Keno board – Displays the winning numbers. (Keno)
Keno Lounge – An area designated in the casino where players can play Keno.
Kwik-Pik – The ticket used in Keno with a set of numbers chosen randomly.
Kicker – When a player pulls an odd high card. This card can not be used to form a Straight or a Flush. (Draw
Ladderman – Casino employees that facilitate the game of Baccarat, consisting of 2 dealers at one table. A Caller
stands across from the dealers and the Ladderman supervises the game from a chair positioned above the Baccarat
Late Surrender – When a player surrenders half his initial bet after the dealers up card has been dealt. The dealer
can not be holding a blackjack. (Blackjack)
Laying the Odds – Opposite of ‘Taking the Odds’. Most often seen in sports wagering, it’s when a player places a
bet on an obvious favorite to win even if the payout is less than than the amount wagered.
Layout – The gaming table, including the betting area.
Let It Ride – To Press or to increase a wager by two.
Limit – When there is a fixed amount a player can bet in each round of a game. (Poker)
Line Bet – Wagering simultaneously on 6 different numbers (Roulette)
Load Up – Playing the maximum amount of coins possible. Term used when referring to video poker or slot
Loaded Dice – A cheating technique when a dice or die are tampered with in order to get a specific outcome more
Long Run – A theoretical sum of wins and losses a player can experience and still end up even at the end of the
long period of gambling.
Loose – A slot machine that has high payoffs.
Lowball – A gambler who only makes small bets.
Low Poker – Same as ‘lowball’. A version of poker where the lowest hand wins versus the highest hand.
Low Roller – Someone who only places small bets.
Lumpy – A dealer whose style of dealing is not smooth.
Marker – Lines of credit made by the gambler, allowing them to have easy access to large sums of cash when
Martingale System – Betting system where after a loss a player doubles up.
Match Play – Two players participating in a series of games, usually in tournaments.
Mechanic – A dealer who is cheating while at the table.
Mini-Baccarat – Fewer people playing and less dealers at a table. Same rules as in standard Baccarat.
Multi-Player Casino – A game offered by online casinos that allows several players to play against each other at the
same time.
Money – A term not very often used referring to the lump sum of $500.
Money Put In Action – A term referring to the all of the money being used in a playing session.
Money Plays – Declaring to the dealer and the pit that the player will be wagering in cash and not in chips.
Monkey – When a card has the value of ten. Not a common term.
Natural – When a player gets blackjack (21) in the first two cards pulled.
Negative Expectation – Refer to “House Edge’. When player predicts a loss of money after his playing session.
Net Winnings – The total amount of winnings, after pulling out the player’s initial wager.
Nickel – Chip value of $5.
Non-Negotiable Chip – A chip given to players from the casino that is used for promotional reasons. The value of
the chip can not be exchanged for cash, only playing time.
Non-Value Chip – A promotional casino chip given to players from the casino with a non-fixed value. Rather the
value is determined by the Buy- In amount.
Number Pool – The numbers offered in a game such as Keno.
Nut – The sum of money a player hopes to win before stopping to play.
Odds – Statistically whether or not a gamblers wager will pay off.
Off – When a gambler is losing wagers.
On Tilt – When a player gets emotional and overly negative after loosing a hand.
One-Roll Bet – A bet that’s determined on the outcome of a single roll of the dice. (Craps)
Open – It’s the first player in poker who wagers.
Outside Bet – Where a bet or a multiple of bets are placed on the outside of the table. (Roulette)
Overlay – Where the player has the edge over the casino, signifying a good bet.
Paint – A face card of any suit- King, Queen or Jack.
Palette – A tool used by a dealer to move cards around on the table usually in Baccarat.
Pass – When a player folds instead of making a wager.
Pass Line – Where a player places a Pass Line Bet on the table. (Craps)
Pass Line Bet – The Point will repeat when the player places a bet before the Come Out Roll. (Craps)
Pat – Either a hand that requires no more additional cards (Draw Poker) or a hand valuing between 17-21 points.
Pay line – A line on a slot machine that if all symbols are lined up appropriately, delivers winnings.
Payoff – The return paid on a winning bet.
Payoff Odds – The odds and payoff values according to the amount wagered.
Payout Percentage – A programmed percentage amount of every dollar played in a slot machine or video poker
machine which should be theoretically returned to the player.
Payout Table – A visible display made for the players of possible payouts for a winning hand.
Pigeon – A naive and non-experienced player.
Pit – Game tables that are organized in a circular manner where the central space is reserved for dealers and other
casino employees while players gather around the tables to play.
Pit Boss – A casino employee who plays the role of supervisor for the Pit area and casino employees.
Pit Manager – A casino employee who enforces casino policy and manages customers complaints.
Place Bet – A bet made after a game has started.
Player – A person who partakes in gambling at a casino.
Playing the Rush – Someone who won a lot of money in a game of poker in a short period of time.
Plug – Usually used in Blackjack as a card shuffling technique.
Pocket Cards – A term used when cards are dealt face down in poker.
Poker – A variation of rules and versions of this card game, the ultimate goal is to arrange a winning hand at the
Point – A number that most repeat before the number 7 is thrown again in order fora player to win a Pass Line Bet
or a Come Out Bet. (Craps)
Pot – An accumulated amount of money placed in the middle of the table and awarded to the player holding the
winning hand. (Poker)
Press – Same as ‘Let it Ride’. When a player increases his wager by 2.
Probability – The likelihood that a situation might happen based on a mathematical equation.
Progression Betting – The size of the wager changes depending on a set formula. It’s not a fixed value.
Progressive – Opposite of a ‘Flat Top’, it’s when the jackpot consistently increases in a slot machine.
Proposition Bet – A dice bet made on a combination of numbers. (Craps)
Punch Board – An opportunity to win a prize at a punch out slot lottery game.
Punter – Same as ‘player or gambler’.
Punto Banco – Another name for Baccarat.
Push – A tie between a dealer and player where most likely, the players bet is returned at full value.
Quads – 4 of a kind (Poker)
Qualifier – A player needs to obtain a minimal rank in order to win. (Poker)
Quarter – Chip value of $25.
Rack - Where the casino chips and tokens are contained in a casino.
Rake – Most often calculated by a percentage, its a fee the casino charges the player for each round of poker.
Rank – The players card-hand value. (Poker)
Rated – Referring to high-skilled gamblers.
Riffling – When the dealing intermixes 2 halves of a deck of cards when shuffling.
Right Bettor – A player making a wager on the Pass Line. (Craps)
River – The final card dealt in a hand of Poker.
Roulette – A casino game played at a table made up of 36 numbers, ranging from 1-36, plus 1 or 2 zeros and other
additional sections. This game offers a variety of betting opportunities but it’s a game of luck.
Round – A single cycle of a game. This includes all of the bets made during the same single cycle. Depending on
the game, a single round could range from one spin of a wheel to the final winner of a tournament.
Royal Flush – The highest hand in poker- an Ace-high straight flush.
Sawdust Joint – A poor gambling environment.
Sawbuck – Means ten dollars.
Scared Money – Money a player can not afford to lose.
Session – A period of gambling.
Set – Splitting a 7-card hand into two hands of 5 and 2. (Pai Gow Poker).
Seven-Out – After the Point has been set, rolling a 7. (Craps)
Seventh Street – The fifth and final round of betting in 7-card stud poker. The player has 7 cards.
Shark – Either a skilled car player or a cheater.
Shill – Employed by the casino to fill empty chairs at tables or begin a game.
Shiner – Illegally using a reflective object to view hidden cards.
Shoe – Found at a table, a wooden box that holds and dispenses cards.
Shooter – The player rolling the dice. (Craps)
Short Run – A short run of events in any game.
Showdown – When players reveal their cards at the end of a game to find the winner. (Poker)
Shuffle Tracking – A way of cheating, observing the cards while being shuffled. (Blackjack)
Shuffle Up – Deck of cards being mixed up.
Shutter – A marker that covers a number after being called. (Bingo)
Silver Mining – Someone who searches for loose coins left behind in slot machines by chance.
Single – Same as a ‘Straight Bet’. Placing a bet on only one event or selection.
Singleton – The only card of its rank. (Poker).
Sixth Street – The 4th betting round in 7-card stud, where the players holds 6 cards.
Skin – A dollar.
Skin Game – More than one cheater found in a single game. (Poker)
Skinning the Hand – A cheating technique used to unload extra cards. (Poker)
Slot Club Member – A card given to frequent gamblers from the casino with the intention to be used on slot
Slot Walking – Same as ‘Silver Mining’. Someone who wanders from slot machines in search of coins.
Snake Eyes – A total result of 2, after rolling a dice. (Craps)
Soft Count – Counting the Drop Box’s contents.
Soft Count Room – The location where Soft Count is done.
Soft Hand – In a hand where the ace is valued at 11 and not 1. (Blackjack)
Spinner – Opposite of a ‘Losing Streak’. A winning streak.
Spooking – A system of cheating done by two gamblers playing at the same table by sharing with each other card
Spot – The amount of numbers marked on a ticket- a number between 1-80. (Keno)
Stack – Usually consisting of 20 chips in a single column. A stack of chips. (Roulette)
Stand – Same as ‘To Stay’. When the player does not want anymore cards.
Standing Hand – A hand with the value of 17 or more. A player should not pull another card because the odds are
the hand will bust. (Blackjack)
Stay – Same as ‘To Stay’. When the player does not want anymore cards.
Steaming – Same as ‘On Tilt’. When a player gets emotional and overly negative after loosing a hand.
Stick Man – The casino employee who controls the stick and calls the numbers. (Craps)
Stiff Hand – A hand that is not Standing and totaling between 12 and 16. This hand could easily bust. (Blackjack)
Straight – A 5 -card hand consisting with 5 consecutive numbers such as 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack. (Poker)
Straight Keno – Marking numbers on a ticket. (Keno)
Straight Flush – A 5- card hand of the same suit and consecutive ranks. (Poker)
Streak Betting – Same as ‘Progressive Betting’. Placing a bet on new trend. Depending on the game, players can
increase their wages during the game.
Stripping – When a deck’s order is reversed from first card to last by using a card technique.
Stud Poker – Opposite of ‘Draw Poker’. In this game, some cards are showing while others are face down. The
combinations vary.
Suit – The 4 types of cards in a deck. Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades.
Surrender – Giving up a wager before the completion of a hand.
System – Using a mathematical strategy to your advantage, with the goal of a positive end result.
TAB – Totalisator Agency Board or off-track betting’s regulating agency.
Table Hold – The total of money won by the casino after a 8 hour table game session.
Table Stakes – The limited amount of cash on the table that can be used by the player for betting and raising
purposes. (Poker)
Table Test – Same as ‘Audition’. A test a dealer must go through in order to get a position at a casino.
Taking the Odds – Opposite of ‘Laying the Odds’. Making a wager, where if won, that is lower than the payoff.
Tapping Out – When the player loses all of his profits and stops playing.
Tell Play – Trying to determine the dealer’s or gambler’s hand by their body language.
Third Base – The seat to play last before the dealer plays his hand. (Blackjack)
Third Street – The first round of betting in 7-card stud, where the player has 3 cards in hand.
Three-Card Monte – A card game similar to Bragg, it’s a popular 3-card game.
Three of a Kind – 3 cards of the same rank. (Poker)
Ticket – A card.
Time Cut – A sum of money a player may get charged for the time they played in a casino or poker room.
Tip – A gratuity given to the casino staff.
Toke – Same as ‘Token’. A tip given to a dealer.
Token – A casino coin used in place of a chip when playing slot machines.
Touch Wand – A device to select numbers. Most often found on Video Keno.
Tournament – A competition between a group of gamblers. Each tournament has it’s own rules and regulations.
Trips – 3 cards of the same rank.
True Odds – The actual odds of a hand happening with the casino having the edge.
Underlay – Too much money bet on a wager with small odds of actually occurring.
Unit – A gaming term indicating the smallest amount of money used in a bet.
Up card – The face up card, exposed by the dealer.
Vigorish – The casino’s edge.
VIP – Generally a High Baller. Stands for Very Important Person.
VLT – Video Lottery Terminal.
Wager – A bet.
Washing – A shuffling technique done by the dealer, following more traditional techniques afterwards.
Whale – Referring to a high roller- usually betting thousands of dollars on a single bet.
White Meat – Same as ‘Profit’.
Wild Card – Most often the joker in card games, or a card that can be used to complete a hand.
Wired Cards – A Pair, Triples or Four of a kind dealt back-to-back in one hand. (Poker)
Working – Term that means the bets are in play. (Craps)
World Bet – A one-roll wager on the Horn. This does include the 7. (Craps)
Wrong Bettor – A player placing a bet on the Don’t Pass Line. (Craps)

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