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Last update on September 29, 2012

Quick Facts
Name: Lisa Topenburg
Occupation: Website Designer, Seo, Bingo Player and Stay at Home Mom :>
Birthdate: March 26
Favorite Casino Game: Bingo
Largest Casino Win: $12,000 playting Wheel of Fortune Slots.

A hardcore bingo and slots player, I've been playing online for over 8 years now. Incorporating my passion for gambling and expertise in research and online marketing, I have designed this website myself to help players find the best online casinos. I have hand selected each casino that delivers the best bonus and payout percentages, as well as being the most secure and satisfactory amongst beginner and immediate players. 

I’ve been in the online gaming world since 2005, first as adamant bingo and slots player, and later as a Marketing Manager and Web Designer for several casino campaigns. I had a helping hand in developing new marketing ideas and product strategies, giving me an inside on how the industry works. With my free entrepreneur spirit, an admiration for the gaming industry, I gathered all of my resources, knowledge in gambling and website building tools to create what I consider one of the best online casino guides out there. With almost a decade of experience in the casino affiliate industry, my goal has been to play an instrumental role in creating a safe and fun gambling environment for all types of players. Providing guidance to other affiliate partners and ensuring client satisfaction, I’m constantly updating my website with the most up-to-date information on the most popular online casinos. Though bingo and slots are my game of choice, my research is not limited to just these games. I give my players a well rounded view of what each casino listed on this website has to offer- whether that be slots, poker, baccarat, blackjack, or craps. I’ve visited a share of online casino guides and some have been more helpful then others. I want all my visitors to know that I only recommend the top casinos. I’ve personally had great experiences with all of them. They are all legitimate and secure casinos that offer some of the top online bonuses. You’ll be able to find everything you need to know about the top casinos on this site.

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