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Last update on February 08, 2013

The History of the Game

Craps is a pure game of luck that depends on rolling the dice. So, players would place different bets that depend on the outcome of the rolled dice. There are two types of Craps, there is Street Craps where players play against one another and there is the Casino Craps where players play against the house or the casino. This game is inspired by an old English game entitled Hazard.  The game went through many stages until it reached the perfect form of today.

Craps was brought to the States by Bernard Xavier Philippe, it was perfect in every aspect but it had one big problem. It allowed players to cheat the house by using fixed dice or by exploiting the system of betting of the game. This is why the “Do not pass” wager was invented by John H. Winn that fixed this problem for good.

How to Play Craps?

At the Craps table, players will find a piece of cloth that resembles the one available at roulette that has the available betting options. Players will start the game by placing their wagers on their desired numbers but there are certain bets that the Stickman “the dealer” will have to accept such as the service bets. These service bets are wagers on certain number totals from the 1st roll such as a 2, 3, Yo (12), Three Way, C and E and other bets.

The player who throws the dice is called the “shooter”. Players who want to place any bets or want to become the shooters are obligated to place one of two bets. These bets are the Pass Line Bet and the Do Not Pass Line Bet. The first one, “Pass Line” will win if the first roll “come out roll” is equal seven or eleven. If the 1st roll “the come out roll” totals to two, three or twelve, the bet is a losing one. If it totals to any other value, this number will be called the point. The dice will be rolled again and if he gets the same total “the point” before he gets a seven, it’s a winning bet but if the opposite happens, then it is a losing bet. The second bet, the Do Not Pass Line bet is the exact opposite of the previous bet, the Pass Line Bet. These two bets are called Line Bets.

There are also the Multi roll bets. They include the Hard and Easy bets. In these bets, players will wager that the shooter will get a hard four, six, eight or a ten before he gets a seven. A hard four means that players will roll 2 + 2, a hard eight means that players will roll 4 +4 and so on.

As for the easy bets, they are the exact opposite. Players will bet that the shooter will get an Easy four, six, eight or ten before getting a seven. An easy eight is 5 + 3; an Easy 6 is 4 +2 and so on.

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